My Girls

This blog may be about Artemis but she isn't the only horse in my life.  All together my family owns nine horses.  While they may not appear in this blog as much as its namesake but they are just as important to me. 


Socks is my horse and the mother of Cassidy and Artemis.  She is a 2002 registered Quarter Horse mare.  We bought her at an auction in 2003 when she was a yearling.  During her first years with us she was a complete monster.  She used to be a chronic bolter but we've worked through it and she's beginning to mellow out.  She'll probably never be good for a beginner but I don't mind.  She's by far our fastest horse and together we're training for barrel racing.  Our goal was to begin showing this past summer but those plans have been delayed for a year.  She is a great mother and an amazing ride. 


  Sadie is my sister's horse.  She's a five-year-old grade mare we adopted from a rescue.  She's a very sweet mare but isn't the sharpest tool in the tool shed.  She's earned the title of princess for her aversion to dirt and "Peasant" activities.  She's often off in LaLa Land and likes to take time to see the pretty butterflies.  She enjoys her days as a trail horse and pasture pony.


Cas is a two-year-old Appaloosa filly.  She is Socks' first daughter and the amazing rainbow pony.  As an Appaloosa she is constantly changing colours.  Her true colour is Varnish Roan but this means that at any given time of the year she can be bay, gray or nearly black.  She shares the same blaze as her mother, although she only inheritated one of the socks.  She is not rideable and is only pasture sound because of an injury she recieved as a foal.  She broke her fetlock and because of that her fetlock has fused together.  Though I'll never ride her she still needs to put up with whatever torture I put her through, mainly make-overs and attempts at making her a trick pony.  She's the smallest horse we own but she's in charge of a herd of eighteen horses who all live in fear of her.