Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Thank You

I just wanted to thank everyone, the support from so many people has been overwhelming.  I can't thank everyone enough for your kind words, you don't know it means to me.  All of your comments made me cry and I've read them over several times.  Thank you so much for your support, I know I've never met most of you but it means so much to me.

I've been hiding in my own little hole for the last few days.  I haven't been talking about her much but she's on my mind all the time.  I've been out to the stable twice now.  I know it's ridiculous and silly, but I told both Artemis and Socks.  I know they can't understand what I'm saying but it was just something I needed to do.  There was no reaction from them, of course, since they don't know what I'm saying to them.  I didn't want to be at the stable the first night.  I thought I did but when I got there all I wanted to do was go home.  Seeing Socks was the hardest, not only is she Cas' mother but Cas inherited her blaze.  And seeing that, well it was hard.  Tonight was better.  We were only there to drop off a cheque so we only saw the ponies for a few minutes, but it was much better.  Socks came right over when she saw us and it wasn't upsetting to me this time.  I'm going back out on Friday and I'm looking forward to it. 

I've brought home Cas' halter because I feel like if any horse is going to use it, it should be her little sister.  Artemis is too small for it right now but she'll grow into it eventually.  I do have part of Cas' mane, when I roached her mane a while ago, my sister took what I cut off and braided it for me.  I am very glad for it. 

I've been avoiding looking at pictures but I broke down tonight and did.  I want to share a few and by a few I'm sure it'll be too many. 

This was the first picture I ever saw of her.  I wasn't there when she was born but my sister was.  My sister spent over three hours on the phone to me, describing every little detail about Cas to me, and telling me every little thing she did. 

Nobody believed me that her little tiny spots would probably get bigger and she'd be more spotted as she got older.  Cas showed them.

This is one of my favourite pictures of her.  She was a few weeks old here and I'd been with her for two hours, trying to get a picture of her running around.  I finally gave up and walked away and just before I was out of sight, she started running around, bucking and rearing.

This was the first time I saw her.  She kept running in circles around her mom and wouldn't let anyone touch her.

This is one of my favourite pictures I've ever taken.  Cas had come on the ride with us and by the time we got to the river she was tuckered out.  She took a long nap and only when she got up and started running around did we ride home.

This was from her first summer.  She was almost completely gray but by the fall she was bay again.  She was after all, my rainbow pony.

Cas and Fonda, they were inseperable and he's probably the only other living thing that's going to miss her as much as I will.  They're always together and it break my heart to think of him without her.

This is how Cas liked to have her feet done.  She decided she wanted to take a nap halfway through and just dropped.

 There are so many more I could share.  I'm sorry for all the pictures.  She was such a great horse, with so much spirit and personality.  It still hurts, a lot but at least I know she won't be in pain.  I promised her when we found out there as nothing we could do that I would not let her be in pain and I am glad I kept that promise.


Ally said...

This is a beautiful tribute. I look at these pictures with fondness and sadness. Even though it wasn't very long, it seems she lived a full life.

Megan said...

Her coat really did change a lot!

She was a very pretty girl and I think it's fitting that you give her halter to Artemis. It was good of you to keep your promise to her, even though it must have been very hard on you.

Megan said...

The pictures are lovely and will be a wonderful way to remember her. I especially love the one where she came on the trail ride and had a nap. And the one where she is laying down to get her feet done is priceless!