Friday, 3 June 2011

The Day We Survived the Farrier

A lot has been happening for Artemis lately.  She had her first bath, which went surprisingly well.  We have to work on standing still but she now realizes that she will in fact not die if the water touches her.  It takes a lot to get her wet though, she's so fluffy the water runs right off her hair.  And then yesterday the farrier was out.  He wasn't there to see her, but she was convinced that he was going to kill her.

The barn was full so at first we had the three of them tied up outside.  Then two horses went back out to their field so we brought them in.  Everyone at the barn adores Artemis so all of them had to come over to see her and she loved the attention.  Until the farrier started shaping horseshoes and the noise and smells terrified her.  She couldn't figure out where they were coming from.  She did pretty good though, we just walked her around a little bit and she calmed down.  After we finished saddling (which is very difficult when you're holding a filly who wants to eat your saddle) we took them in the arena and let Artemis run around while we road.  She was so full of energy.  I'm disappointed I didn't get it on film.  She was running laps around us, squealing and bucking.  She also would not let Jimmy be in front.  She likes to cut him off, running in front of him and slamming on her breaks when she's right in front of him.  Everyone who was still left in the barn had to come over to see her playing around. 

After our ride and after the farrier was gone, we were talking to DR and she thought Artemis was older, because she's so big.  She was also telling us how she brought her husband over to see Artemis, and both Socks and Artemis came over to the fence for attention.  Honestly, I was surprised.  At my dad's, everyone was afraid of Socks (long story but she has a bad reputation she only half deserves) so she was never really social with other people besides my family.  She doesn't really have time for people who cringe and jump everytime she moves, she avoids them.  But here nobody has an idea of what she should be like, so they don't treat her like a ticking time-bomb and she is much more friendly.  DR said even Artemis came over to say hello, which is a big improvement.  The BO's daughter was telling me earlier that Artemis will come over to the fence for attention.  And after we put Socks and Artemis back out, Artemis tried to follow us out of the pen.  She wasn't pushy, but when Socks went to her food, Artemis followed us instead of going after Socks, and stood at the gate literally until we drove away.  I think she's starting to really enjoy the attention.  Life is good at the stable, Artemis is coming along well, Socks is putting on weight and the issue with Jimmy is solved, although that's a blog for another day.

Also, it will not let me post comments at all.  This is really annoying and I hope it gets sorted out soon.

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Wolfie said...

I have never been around a foal, so I am really fascinated with how Artemis is so playful and her reaction as she's exposed to different things. Of course, the more she is exposed to, the calmer she will be as an adult. You can already see her personality. I suspect patience will be a key ingredient when it comes to handling her as she gets older/bigger! :-)