Sunday, 25 September 2011

Cas' Mane! Or Lack of One!

The real post about my weekend is coming later when I'm in a better mood and a little less tired, but for now, here's Cas and her haircut.  Cas is an Appaloosa filly and takes the "rat-tail" Appaloosa image to heart.  She has a tiny, skinny little tail and basically no mane.  In fact, her mane was just getting worse and worse.  So, getting the idea from Mare over at Simply Horse Crazy I decided to cut Cas' mane.  Not that there was much to cut.  I warn you, I have never, ever cut my horse's mane before so it doesn't look the best.  Basically I took a pair of scissors and hacked away.  And Miss Cassidy wasn't too pleased with me either, especially when bits of her mane would fall and make her itchy. 

Here is the pathetic strands of hair Cas called a mane:

The right side.
The left side.  Yes, there is before I cut it.  There just wasn't anything on this side.
Again, this is all of it.

Yup, that was all of it.  I don't think you can even call it a mane.  Here is Cas' lack of a mane now, after twenty minutes of hacking later.  Between her moving a lot and me trying to make it somewhat even, it took a while.

An Unhappy Cas
Pawnee had to come check it out.

All of Cas' mane that I cut off.

Everyone keeps making fun of her now and calling her Buzz for buzz-cut.  I am really hoping that it grows back.  I would love it if it grew back nice and thick, but I'll admit, I'm a little afraid it won't grow back at all.  She had barely any mane after two years...  So enjoy my bald pony.  I'll post updates every so often when I see her. 

And here's a little preview of what my horse-related part of the weekend included.

Edit: I was looking through my pictures as I'm making a birthday present for Sommer and I came across the pictures I took on May long.  I have a bunch I took of Cas when I was grooming her.  Back then my pony actually had a mane!  I forgot about it!  What happened?  Just a few months ago she had a pretty silver mane.  And then it disappeared.  I hope it grows back and stays this time.


Mare said...

She looks cute with a roached mane!

Wolfie said...

I wonder if someone has been snacking on Cas's mane during the mutual grooming process??? Now that the weather has started cooling down, what about trying M-T-G on her mane? Actually, I agree with Mare - I think it looks cute. :-)

Cjay said...

Mare- Thanks! Though I stil lhope it grows back as nicely as Missy's has.

Wolfie- Personally I think it's a combination of someone chewing on her mane and the fact that she's an Appaloosa. Her father is considered an "Old-Time" Appaloosa with a really bad mane and tail that falls out if you look at it the wrong way.

Hm, good plan, I didn't think of that! Thanks!