Sunday, 19 February 2012


Not too much has been going on lately, we're still trying to find a bit for Jimmy.  So far we've been sticking with the snaffle.  Hopefully we don't have to change it again.  Socks is just being Socks, doing Socks stuff.  Which mostly means, eating, bossing Streak around, being very excited to go for rides.  Artemis has been hanging in the pasture, playing with Ebony and Charlie.  On our last ride she got to come in the arena and play around. 

My little pony does love attention though, and if there are people out in the barn, she stands at the gate and stares until they come give her some love.  She's kind of a little creep about it.  If there aren't people in the barn, or if Socks and I start going faster, she'll dash away from the gate and start bucking as she follows us around.  She shakes her head and does her best impression of a rodeo bucking horse. 

I of course wanted to get a video of her running around like a lunatic, so once my momfinished riding she grabbed my camera and began to film.  Well, Artemis seems to realize what a camera is and she loves it.  She wouldn't leave it alone and I have about two minutes of video of her nose.  She did finally run a bit but not like before. 

Mostly though, this post is going to be a comparision.  Artemis just looks...bigger.  She hasn't actually grown (well except for her hind end, it's like a ski hill) but she just generally looks bigger.  Her head has grown, I just had to loosen up her halter by a whole three weeks ago and I'm going to have to very soon again. 

This is Artemis at the beginning of January, when I first put my scarf on her.

This was her last Friday.  Next time I'll try to get a picture of her standing right against the stall.

This was taken in December.

This was taken last Friday.

Now to compare her to her father.  I unfortunantly don't have any pictures of her brother, I'm the only one who takes pictures and I haven't seen him since Christmas. 

This was Fonda at about seven months.

This was Fonda at about the same age Artemis is now.  It's hard to really tell if they look alike, since he was ten months old in June and had a summer coat, and she's ten months old in Febuary and has a fuzzy winter coat. 

Fonda again at about ten months. 

I can't wait until she sheds out and I can do a proper comparision between them.  She definitly has his tail and his head shape, or so I think.  And next time I see Hades, I'm going to take pictures of him as well to add in.


Ally said...

I miss Fonda. I love that horse. Honestly, it's hard for me to see much of a difference in Artemis from those pictures but I don't have the eye that you do, and also, I don't know her.

Megan said...

Artemis looks bigger in the last pic, or ,aybe it's just the angle. Look at her legs! If she were a human, she'd be a supermodel =)