Friday, 6 April 2012


My horse is very photogenic, don't you think?  Luckily her daughter did not inherit her camera "charms" and tries to keep from making funny faces while on camera. 

Not much has been going on lately pony-wise.  I've only been out riding a few times but nothing has really happened.  Socks has been good.  Shedding like crazy.  Jimmy has been Jimmy.  During our last ride my mom and I switched horses at the end.  Jimmy's turning is much better but he was a disaster at the trot.  He's slowly getting better, I'm still really happy how the deworming went.

Artemis is fine.  Not much to report on her, I've been slacking with her lately.  We've mostly been working on her staying out of my space and backing up, both of which she's doing great with.  It was really windy last sunday so the tractor tool outside her gate that's been there for months was suddenly going to eat her.  We had a quick five minute session reminding her that it is indeed not a monster. 

I have been wondering if she's spoiled lately.  She's spoiled in the sense she gets lots of attention.  She is the princess of the stable, people can't help but come visit with her when she's in there.  She does have to behave though.  In my mind, a horse like Fonda is spoiled.  One that doesn't respect space and doesn't listen.  She gets disciplined immediatly if she misbehaves.  I just really don't want her to end up like her father.

E told us how when he drives the truck out to feed the pasture horses hay, her and Ebony stand in front of the truck and refuse to move.  When they do decide to let him move, they follow behind him, sticking their heads in the back of the truck and eating as he drives.  I'm not sure if that says she's spoiled as much as it says she takes after her mother and is a pig. 

Just tonight my mom found a barrel racing clinic being held in June nearby, by Tammy Fischer.  She's a regular at the Stampede and is just generally an amazing barrel racer.  I'm really considering going, I feel like I've taken Socks as far as I can right now and it'd be nice to get some help, especially from someone so amazing.  I'm trying to find out more about it first, such as how much experience they'd prefer people to have for it. 

I'll leave you guys with Oliver, one of the barn cats.  This is where we found him curled up Sunday night.  Silly kitty.


Ally said...

I really think you should do the clinic if you can! It would be a great experience for you both.

Megan said...

I think a spoiled horse is a horse that gets away with bad behaviour. Love the picture of Socks lol, it can be so hard to get good pictures! Jack is usually pretty photogenic, but trying to get a really nice picture of Lady and Sugar is hard!

I hope you can go to the clinic!