Thursday, 19 April 2012

Windy Again

Last time we just visited with the ponies.  We didn't bring them in.  I've injured my hand somehow and it was insanely windy out.  They were all a little crazy.  Just enjoy some pictures I took.

Griffin, a new horse at the barn.
Tongue #1
Tongue #2
Tongue #3
Tongue #4
Eli, Jimmy's new paddock mate.

Next Wednesday also happens to be a certain baby pony's birthday so we're for sure going out to visit that night.  T already asked me when I'm throwing the party.  I guess I might be a little bit excited for it.  I'll get her some kind of treat, and a party hat.  The hat is to annoy my brother.

We are also going to be doing a five-day deworming with Socks.  She was doing good with weight for a while there but she's starting to drop it again.  The five-day deworming will ensure that nothing is being missed and she's for sure worm-free.  It's worked really well for several other hard-keepers here.
Saturday, my sister is bring two co-workers and one of their daughters out to see the ponies so here's hoping they'll all be on their best behavior!


Ally said...

Haha, I love the pictures with Socks and her tongue out. Also, that one of Jimmy and I'm assuming Eli is adorable.

I'm really sad I'm going to miss her birthday. I wanted to make her a cake. I think you should skip work and go earlier!

Wolfie said...

Those tongue pictures cracked me up. Hope the little one has a great birthday and that Sock's deworming works!