Friday, 7 October 2011

Beautiful Saddle Pad

Here's a shameless plug for another blog.  Kate over at The Adventures of Lucy is holding a contest for one of her beautiful saddle pads.  I first saw them in Mare's blog and since then I've slowly been catching up on Kate's blog.  They're absolutly gorgeous.  A lot of people have entered so it's a long shot to win but it's worth it for one of her saddle pads.  Winter's on the way and I tend to ride english a lot more in winter than in summer so I'd love to have a nice saddle pad to go with my english saddle. 

I love the fox one, horses are, of course, my favourite animal but wild canines, especially North American canines, are my second favourite.  As soon as I can manage to write a haiku (I'm SO bad at poetry.  In high school we had to write our own poems and write an essay on the meaning of the poem, and I failed because I got the meaning wrong...Figure that one out) I will be entering.  Go here to enter!


Wolfie said...

Good luck with the contest. I love wild canines too - wolves and coyotes are my favourites.

Come visit my blog - you have won an award! :-)

Megan said...

I love wolves.
I was watching a thing about Yellowstone and I fell in love with the Druid pack =)

Make that two awards - it's the same one Wolfie gave you, but I do love your blog =)

Corinna said...

how cool, they look hand-painted! Sounds like a great horse summer camp for kids- to paint their own saddle pads!

Cjay said...

Megan and Wolfie- Thanks so much for the awards you guys! It means so much to me!

Corinna- They are hand-painted, Kate paints them all by herself. I would have loved doing an activity like that at camp! It's something you'd want to keep forever.