Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Happy Six Months!

I don't have any new pictures of the horses at the stable, so enjoy some from my sister's latest trip up to my dad's!  PS.  Cas' mane has grown less than a half of a half of an inch, and I am ridiculously excited about that.  Sad, I know.

I'm pretty sure my mom and I supply an endless amount of entertainment for our stable owners.  Our three horses are all on different parts of the property.  Artemis is in the back pasture with the old mares, Jimmy is in one of the paddocks and Socks in the front field with Shadow.  On Tuesday we got out there kind of late so it was already getting dark.  We got out to the field and realized that Socks was much farther than she should have been.  Our stable owners opened up the gates so they could into the larger, side field as well.  We climbed under the fence, caught Socks and then realized our problem.  We had no idea where the gate was.  We thought we had found it but there was a strand of electric fence over it.  We started walking down the fenceline but we just couldn't find it.  Just when one of us were going to go up to the house and ask where the gate was, E came out of the house and showed us.  In our defense it was in a very strange place and it was hard to see in the light.  Yes, I tell myself that just to make me feel better.  It was pretty funny though. 

On sunday we were out with the horses just after 10 am.  It was a very exciting day because we were dropping my brother off at college!  It's been such a long, hard journey getting him there!  In two years once he's finished, he'll be a fully qualified farrier, able to even do therapetutic shoeing and farrier work.  I can't tell you how excited I am!  I'll never have to pay for farrier work!  Anyway, we couldn't be at the horses for very long.  We got there as our stable owners were picking their potatoes.  E offered to drive Alex and I out to Socks so the four of us, (E' daughter L came too) drove out there.  Socks acted like the truck was going to eat her.  I caught her and the three of them got back into the truck while I sat in the back, holding onto Socks.  We used to do that at my dads on occasion and she's been led off the back of a quad many times, so she's not new to it.  And E was driving nice and slow.  Socks was great at first, she trotted along but once we got into the smaller part of her field, she decided she had enough.  She flung her head up and dug her heels in.  I let the rope slide through my hands because I'm not big on getting pulled off of a moving truck, even one that's going slow.  She took off around the field and E drove Alex and I over to her again.  She let me catch her and let me led her back no problem now.  She just had to let us know that she wasn't happy. 

L took great pleasure in telling me how she now had a new story to tell all the boarders and the kids at school.  At least we entertain people!  We fed Socks and then put her back out then caught Jimmy and Artemis.  We brushed Artemis and fed Jimmy.  Artemis hates sweet feed.  I've never met a horse that doesn't like sweet feed but she will not eat it.  I think it's the corn in it.  Unfortunatly for her we only have two feed buckets and one has Socks' food, which is to help her put more weight on so it has too high of a fat content to give to Artemis or Jimmy, and they don't need to gain weight, and the other one has sweetfeed.  I don't want to buy oats since they make Jimmy cough.  Why do I always have the picky horses? 
On Monday we decided to go catch Artemis although we usually only see her on Sundays.  We got to the gate just as E did as he finished feeding the horses so he offered to give us a ride out to her (did I mention that I love my stable owners?)  Artemis started to run away from the truck but as soon as I got out of the truck she came back over to us.

And my pictures have stopped working.  Blogger is driving me crazy.  We brought Artemis up to the barn to brush her (her forelock was covered in burrs again).  L and T couldn't believe how big she's gotten.  She doesn't look like a foal anymore, although she's still not quite grown up looking either.  Another one of the boarders who haven't seen her in a while couldn't believe that she was so old already (Artemis is six months old today!). 

My mom forgot to bring her saddle so she couldn't ride.  I was lazy and decided not to.  We went out to catch Socks, who was in the smaller part of her field.  L had put Shadow in a small paddock and Socks was not happy about it.  She was at the back of her field and as soon as she saw us she came running over to us, her tail up in the air.  I was confused and wondered where my horse was because my horse doesn't run over to people.

We brought her in, groomed her, filled her up with food and then put her back out.  She wasn't happy we didn't put her in with Shadow.

Off topic, who else is excited for Puss in Boots?  I can't wait to see it!


Ally said...

I'm excited for Puss in Boots!!

Sounds like your ponies are just as mischievious as ever. Happy half birthday Artemis!

Megan said...

"Socks acted like the truck was going to eat her." LOL.

Jack and Sugar sometimes get like that, particuarly when it's windy =/

Happy 6 months artemis =)