Friday, 7 October 2011

Just Visiting

It's been cold and rainy here lately, and unfortunantly the weekend doesn't look like it's going to be any better.  We went out to see the horses on Wednesday.  Like usual, we went to see Artemis first, before it got dark.  We ran into T and E who told us that for the first day or so she and Socks had called back and forth but they had quited down now.  When we got out to the pasture we could see some of the herd around the old manure pile.  It's really old with plants growing all over it, but it's also pretty tall so we couldn't see the horses on the other side of it.  Artemis wasn't in sight and so didn't call to us which was really strange.  She usually comes and takes a look when she hears the gate but she didn't come out.  I'm a crazy horse owner and I was already freaking out that something had happened to her.  We saw Ebony but Ebony wasn't coming over to us like she usually did so by this point I was ready to run back to T and E and tell them something had happened.  Luckily I did and we walked past Ebony to find my little pony looking all surprised to see us.  She'd been taking a nap and was curled up on the ground next to Charlie.  As much as I don't like him, it was adorable.  It was also the one time I didn't have my camera because it was raining.  Artemis quickly got up and came over to us, happily showing me her forelock, which was completely covered in burrs. 

My mom hung out with Ebony while I tried to get the burrs out of Artemis' mane.  I didn't want to leave them in because the next time we bring her inside will be Sunday or Monday, and by then there'd be even more and I might have to cut them out.  So Artemis tossed her head a bit but then gave in.  Her ears went flat against her neck but she lowered her head and stood perfectly still while I pryed them out of her mane.  She was not happy but she put up with me. 

When I went to visit Tona, Charlie, Ebony and Artemis all followed me, much to Tona's displeasure.  Ebony and Artemis don't bother me, but Tona was in among hills and Charlie was running around in circles bucking.  I did not stay there for long.  As we left the field Artemis called but didn't follow us, which I didn't mind.

We didn't ride, or I guess, my mom didn't.  I won't be riding until Sunday or Monday, the next time we come out.  Instead we brought Socks and Jimmy into the arena and free-lounged them for exercise.  Socks worked herself up into a sweat; that horse loves to run but the second someone on the ground makes her she gets very anxious.  I don't usually do it but she really needs the excercise. 

It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, so Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadians out there!  Here's to all the turkey leftovers we'll enjoy in the weeks to come!


Megan said...

Ever since Lady had her accident, I always get worried when I see one of the horses laying down. I get anxious very easily, so if I even suspect something is wrong, I go into panic mode. One day I was walking into the paddock and Jack was laying down, I called out but he didn't move and so I started jogging towards the horses calling out. I got about 20 meters away and he popped his head up - he was just sleeping lol. I know it's irrational, I'm probably the only horse owner out there that gets nervous about seeing horses laying down -.-

I hate picking out burrs. Just as I think I've got them all out, I find more hiding!

Megan said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm glad everything was ok with the horses! And pulling out burrs is a pain, I'm lucky we don't have any where my horse is. But at my brother's place, they are horrible!

Wolfie said...

Have a terrific Thanksgiving!