Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Crazy Horses

Young Bachelor herd of wild Horses who thought Socks was the prettiest thing they had ever seen.
Okay so I did not take any pictures today.  It was so windy when we left the house so I left my camera in the barn.  Well turns was not at all windy out in the field.  Oh well.  We brought Artemis in first, then my mom caught Jimmy and then L (barn owner's daughter) and I went out to catch Socks.  I love my crazy pony.

We walked out and every horse on the property was going insane.  They were all running around, bucking and neighing.  We walked down to Socks and all we could see was a gray and bay blur galloping madly up and down in their paddocks.  Oceania was being her usual, over-excited self and Socks wanted to kill her.  I'm sure if she could have gotten to her she would have beaten the other horse.  When Oceania turned suddenly and began galloping up towards the gate, Socks spun on a dime and bolted back up.  She bucked so hard I swear her back legs nearly went above her head.  I don't know how she didn't go over.  Streak was trotting in circles, doing her best to stay out of my crazy horse's way.  I stood outside the gate, waiting until Socks calmed down.  When she finally did, I went in.  Well, Oceania decided to start running and Socks turned and bolted at the fence, ears against her head, snapping her teeth.  Oceania stopped dead and Socks, happy that her job was completed, turned and trotted over to me, ready to go inside.  What can I say, she can't stand overly-excited horses.

Same bachelor herd, showing off for Socks and I
Just as we were bringing Artemis out so we could ride, T  (barn owner) came so we stopped to talk to her.  She told me that Streak is an 18-19 year old mare.  I honestly didn't think she was that old.  Oceania is three and is going to be trained to be a jumper.  They're actually thinking about putting Oceania in with Socks because they think Socks will calm her down and she desperately needs that but we'll see.  I told her I'm fine with it.  I don't worry about Socks being hurt by another horse and my horse may be dominant, but she isn't mean.  As soon as Oceania calmed down, she'd leave her alone.  She's already doing her best to calm the gray down. 

We finally put Artemis out and started our first ride in almost a month.  The arena was busy, M was on Zanza having a lesson, K was riding Tango and D was riding Eli.  Zanza is a Thoroughbred, and Tango and Eli are both Warmbloods.  In short, they are three pretty high-strung horses.  Tango kicked the wall as she was running and it scared all the horses except for Jimmy. 

Sadie and Jimmy, 2009
At one point,  Zanza was out of the arena, Eli and Tango were at the top of the arena, and my mom and I were sitting on our ponies at the bottom of the arena talking.  Jimmy was facing the end of the arena and Socks was facing the wall.  I had my reins crossed over Socks' neck, not holding onto them as that's a very bad habit of mine, and suddenly the little man door next to us slammed open in the wind.  Jimmy turned and bolted, although he only went a few steps before he realized he wasn't about to die, and Socks went straight up in the air and then stood, snorting loudly, staring at the monster door.  I made a mad scramble for my reins and somehow managed to grab them before her feet touched the ground again.  It scared all of us, although it was kind of funny afterwards.  M's trainer and K were impressed that Socks and Jimmy didn't spook more than they did.  In Jimmy's case, so was I.  His first reaction when frightened is to go up, and he didn't even try.  I'm not going to lie, in Socks' case, I think I would have been a bit disappointed if she had done anything more than jump, we've seen much scarier things than a door blowing open.

My very own lake monster, Si swimming across the Saskatchewan River, 2009
My biggest shock of the night (I'm still not over it) came later.  I was loping Socks around the arena and she was fighting me the whole way.  We turned the corner to the long side of the arena, and she suddenly went back on her hind end a bit, and just took off like she was coming out of a starting gate.  As we neared the corner, she let out a big buck.  I'm still surprised I managed to stay on.  I stopped her and just sat there, too shocked to do anything else.  I know a buck is not anything strange to most people...but this horse NEVER bucks.  Ever.  She is not a bucker.  I've only seen her buck one time before that, the very first time I ever got on her.  It was the first time anyone had ever gotten on her and she bucked me the second I touched her back.  Even the second and third times people got on her, she never bucked.  She just doesn't buck.  Ever.  EVER.  See, I told you I'm still not over it.  And afterwards she acted like nothing had happened.  I didn't know whether to laugh or be disappointed.  I'm hoping this was a one time thing, to show how happy she was to run again (like I said, it's been a while since our last ride) or perhaps left over excitement from being next to crazy excited Oceania.   I did realize I can't go that long without riding again, I need to stop being so lazy.


Megan said...

I know how how you feel about bucking. I've never had a horse that bucked regularly, so any time a horse bucked with me in the past (twice), I came off. Scarface does a thing where he kind of crow-hops by kicking his butt up in the air for one stride at the lope when he is annoyed, then continuing to lope along. If he bucked, I would be as shocked as you!

Ally said...

Wow, you guys have been out a lot lately! Beautiful weather for it :)
I'm glad Jimmy didn't spook more. Go Jimmy go!

Megan said...

Surprise bucks can be so shocking. Lady bucked once and because she was such a good, hardworking mare I was in shock and immediately fell off lol. I wasn't very good at sitting bucks back then anyway though.

I'm kind of always prepared for a fit on a greenie, but when you are riding a more experienced horse it can be a bit like "WTF?! Where did that come from?" haha.