Saturday, 7 January 2012


Guess what I saw tonight!  Now that I have finally stopped crying, I just need to say...this was the saddest movie I have ever seen...I've never cried that much, or that hard, in a movie before...and I cry so easily in movies.  I was sitting there the whole time, struggling to keep it together and failing miserably. 

SPOILERS!  Past this point I will be commenting on a few things about the movie, I'm not going into detail or anything, but if you haven't seen the movie yet, know that you are going to cry a lot and you need to go see it now.  And stop reading this now.  And seriously, be prepared to cry.  A lot.  Just make sure after you see it you're able to go hug your horse because trust me, that's all you're going to want to do afterwards.

There were other people in the theatre crying too, and I think anyone can appreciate the horrors the horse went through, and the people who bonded with him, but I do believe you have to own horses to really get the full effect of everything.  I know for me, there were two things that made this movie even harder to watch.

First, Joey is a bay.  Socks is a bay.  I know, not that weird considering bay is such a common colour, but it made it so much easier to imagine that it was Socks, not Joey, in the war.

Second, the friendship between Joey and Topthorn, made me think of Socks and Jimmy.  Every time the two horses in the movie touched made me think of how Jimmy and Socks do that each time they come in the barn together.

I hate barbed wire.  Enough said about that I think.

The whole time all I could think about was if that was my horses going through that.  My horses will never have to fight in a war, but it was all too easy to imagine if it were them in it.  All I know is that when I get to the stable on Sunday, I am hugging all three of them and promising them for the thousandth time that they have a home with me until they die.


Wolfie said...

Hundreds of thousands of horses have been sacrificed in conflict in the last century. In fact, a lot of animals were critical to warfare, including dogs, mules, even pigeons. I can't watch this movie. I think I will wait until it comes out on video so that if it gets too much for me, I can stop it or fast forward. :-)

Cjay said...

I think that's a good plan, it was such a hard movie to watch and like I said, I couldn't keep it together while I did.

I love it though, because it really does bring attention to the animals who had to serve in wartime. I think it does an amazing job of protraying what it was like for them.