Sunday, 29 January 2012

Praying for Molly

I'm so tired of having bad news about the horses, and even more tired of foot issues.  We went to a hockey game today, to watch  a relative of ours play and five minutes after being there my dad called.  One of our landlord's mares, Molly, had slipped on the ice and broken her ankle.  They had called the vet immediatly and when he first called me they were waiting for him.  Molly had slipped on the ice, broken her ankle and then, frightened, tried to run away on it.  Honestly, we weren't very hopeful and my dad figured he was calling the vet to come put her down.

In the end, after the vet looked her over, gave her some painkillers, it was decided that she would not be put down, at least not yet.  It is a fairly bad break, but in a good place to heal.  It's below the fetlock, in almost the exact same spot that Cas was injured.  He made Molly as comfortable as possible and put a cast on her leg.  Tomorrow, they're going to bring her into the vet clinic so X-rays can be taken and he can put on a better, long-term cast.  Based on his examination of her today, he thinks that there is a good chance she can recover.  I think the X-rays tomorrow is going to be the deciding factor. 

Molly isn't our horse, she is the landlord's, but we do all the care and training for their horses.  She came with another mare, pictured above with her (Molly is the mare on the right) named Maggie and they're rarely apart.  We're not really sure what breed she is or how old she is, all we know is she wasn't touched much before she came.  She was nicknamed the Nice mare since it took a while before she was named. 

For now, I'm just praying for her and waiting to hear news from my dad.  I hope she can make it through but I don't want her to be in a lot of pain either.


Wolfie said...

Fingers and toes crossed that the news is positive. I think it's a good indication that things may be OK because the vet even considered putting a cast on her.

Ally said...

I'm so sorry about Molly. :(

Megan said...

Sending good thoughts to you and Molly!!