Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Show Names

I'll get around to posting about this of these times.

I honestly didn't expect to be blogging again before I left but we had such a fun time tonight I figured I might as well.  I wasn't even planning on riding, I was so tired and bleh.  We were just going to go deworm Socks, visit Artemis and leave.  Then my mom decided to ride and I figured I might as well ride too.  I'm glad I did.

L, the little girl at the stable, was out hanging with us and she came in the arena as she rode.  She doesn't usually but it was just us and we weren't doing anything, just walking around the edge of the arena.  She apparently decided that was too boring because she got us all involved in a horse show.  It was a decent sized class, ten horses.  There was me on Socks, my mom on Jimmy and then L on her prize jumping horse Max and Isabel, a five time world champion, on her Appaloosa Spots.  I have no idea who the other riders were but they were tough competition for us!

L was both a competitor and the race announcer.  She asked for our horses show names.  Most of our horses don't have one, and by most, I mean only Jimmy and Artemis do.  Artemis is of course, Artemis Areia, this blog is named after her, Areia meaning Warlike.  Jimmy's show name is Mr. Stewart, since he's in part named after Jimmy Stewart (He's also named after the horse in the movie, An Unfinished Life).  Socks doesn't have one.  I like to incorporate their name into their show name and I've never been able to come up with something for Socks.  It doesn't help that I don't like her name to begin with but really, I don't like Clean Socks or anything like that which is waht most people suggest.

I've had Socks for nine years this summer and in that time I've been unable to come up a good show name.  L came up with one in two seconds.  Socks is now known as A Perfect Pair of Socks.  Honestly, I don't mind it.  I think it's cute.  And since L was our race announcer, I got to hear "--insert my name here...riding A Perfect Pair of Socks!"  many, many times tonight so I'm convinced it won't sound that bad at an actual show.  T, L's mother, likes it a lot too.   So thanks to L, I finally have a show name for Socks!  Before this, it was just Socks.

Jimmy also got a new show name.  I guess Mr. Stewart wasn't good enough.  He is now Chubby Potato.  I burst out laughing when she said that.  Well poor Chubby Potato didn't do so well in the races.  Socks and I won each time, L and Max came in second and poor Chubby Potato and my mom came in fifth.  Yup, they got beat by four imaginary horses, only one of which even had a name. 

It was a lot of fun honestly, she was so funny to watch.  After riding we ended up talking to T and E for a good hour.  I have the best barn owners ever.

We did go see Artemis, since we'll be gone for a week.  She was cute and adorable as always.  She followed us halfway up to the the gate before she got distracted.  It was a beautiful night, muddy, but the rain at least stopped.  I was upset I didn't have my camera.

Also, Socks ate a carrot!  It shouldn't be exciting but my horse hates normal horse treats.  She actually gets angry if you offer her an apple.  She never used to eat carrots but tonight apparently they were tasty.  Artemis did not agree.


Ally said...

Aw, that's such a cute story! Chubby Potato, man, poor Jimmy.

Socks ate a carrot?! Weird!

Wolfie said...

A Perfect Pair of Socks - love it. Perhaps Socks ate a carrot in celebration of her new show name. :-)