Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Dark Day

Today has been a day filled with tragedy.  First I was given the news that my dad's boss/friend was killed in a plane crash.  It's crazy to think of, he was one of the nicest men I'd even met.  He was always so kind when I met him, and often went out of his way to do things for my family.  He was flying his own plane when it happend.  I just can't believe it and my prayers go out to his family. 

There was also an accident during the Chuckwagon races tonight.  During Heat 4, Chad Harden's left lead horse went down due to a, for now, unforseen event, which caused the rest of his team to go down as well.  An outrider and horse who were not able to miss the wagon, clipped the side of it and also went down.  Three horses were euthanized afterward and one is in surgery but expected to win.

It is a horrible tragedy and already people are calling for the ban of the Chucks.  Chad Harden was interviewed after the crash.

Click on the video of Chad Harden on the left to hear the interview.  How can anyone listen to that and still say that they don't care about their horses?  As he says, the horse was 18 and going to be retired next year to be his children's horse.  Once again my prayers go out to him.

I was at the Stampede again tonight to watch their horse show, Tails, but I will tell more about that another time.

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